The ring

There she was

looking at a ring and smiling.

She knew she couldn’t afford it

but she wanted it.

She thought what if she couldn’t get it

She’ll suggest it to someone so that lady could have it.

She didn’t know this would happen to her

but there it was, magic happened.

She had the ring in her finger after 30 minutes.

She was on top of the world

a cloud above the infamous cloud nine

smiling and happy that she has what she wanted.


She treasured the ring

through days and months and years.

never did she let the ring leave her side for once.

She had her fears that she’d loose it one day

she tried her best not to and was successful everyday.


She wanted to be practical

but her love for the ring was too strong

that she always decided to live in the moment

and enjoy her ring.

Every time the thought of loosing creeped in

she smiled and told herself

But today I have it and I will enjoy it.


Soon the dreadful day came

she knew she’s loosing it

she even had a feeling that it might be the last time she’s seeing it

but her heart wasn’t ready to accept.

Ever optimistic her

she let her intuitions slide

and she told herself

But today I have it and I will enjoy it.

She kept on living her life

believing she had the ring.


Not long after her intuitive days

she realised it wasn’t there anymore.

Her love slipped right in front of her eyes

from her hand

and her optimism killed it.

She lost it.

She cried. She tried finding it everywhere.

But how do we find something which was long gone?



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