Happy Happy Happy..!!

Oh My God!! This is my favourite topic. I can talk about it forever. The word Happy  itself just lights up the world around. This word sends out such positive vibrations that just hearing it our mind starts reminding us of all the happy moments ever spent throughout our life. The moments that matter of course. And the best part is, if by any chance you are just not in the mood and not in your element, think about one, just ONE happy moment in your life, you’ll get a sweet smile on your face.

We often mistake being Happy for laughing out loud or doing crazy stuff or just enjoying life. Noooo! If you are Happy, you do not have to do crazy stuff, or laugh out loud or enjoy your life. Happiness is a state of mind, an emotion, a feeling. You can sit quietly without smiling and be happy or you might be surrounded by ten thousand people and be happy. Happiness is not the same for every single person on the Earth. No two people can be happy for the same thing or in the way or act the same way when happy. It differs. It really does.

I live by this really cool principal. Okay! I don’t know if it does not sound cool to you but for me I feel I am living by the coolest principal ever. Yeah! and I plan to continue living this way forever. So the thing is, I had decided a very long time back that if something does not make me happy I will not let it be part of my life. Tough thing to do. Very tough in the real world. But somehow I have been doing it and for now I like being this way. It’s not like I don’t get depressed or sad  and have bad days or I don’t get angry. I have cried through nights, got angry on people numerous times. I can’t be happy all the time of course.  I am a human being after all. But if a person, or a job, or a task in hand, or just something, if it is giving me pain, it is wearing me down, then I am sorry boss but I cannot do it. 

When we don’t know what is going to happen the very next second in our life, how can we expect to wait months or years or days for something to get better. Oh! it is great to be an optimist. I am not telling you just give up so easily. In fact I don’t give up so easily either. But I’m talking about general situations here. All we know is what has happened and that is it. Nothing more and nothing less. The rest are just assumptions we live on and okay! let’s say a plan we live by.

What I am trying to say here is, if something makes you happy give it a chance and if it still starts wearing you off, then honey just wear them off.

I’m sure you’ll have a little idea about soccer. Even in soccer, a player is first given a warning, that is the first warning. Then if the player creates a problem again, the referee gives the player a yellow card, which is the second warning. And finally if the player still creates a problem, he is given a red card which means “okay sir buh-bye!” 

Why can’t we do the same in our lives? Why do we have to stay in a constant traumatic mood for so long and keep thinking about solutions but do nothing about it. It’s not our fault actually. It is just how we have been brought up and the society and our surroundings and the list continues. But till when? Till when are we just going to blame our societies for what we are doing to ourselves? We blame the society, our kids will blame them too. Because well.. we didn’t change a thing so the cycle continues.

We are here. On this very green earth. To do what? To live. And not to be sad, depressed, angry, helpless, frustrated. We are not here forever. We cannot wait forever. So let’s just live RIGHT NOW. Be Happy RIGHT NOW. Enjoy RIGHT NOW!!

And yeah before i forget, the best part about being happy is you look beautiful when you are happy. Try it out. It’s true.



Thank You for reading my blog. I hope you liked it. Stay tuned for my next blog.  And oh yeah!! Smile because you matter and it’s a happy day today!! 


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