What is love?

Am I in Love? I don’t know. Have I ever been in Love? I don’t know. Will I ever be in Love? I just don’t know. I don’t know because I don’t know what it is. Do you know what is love?

I feel love is when you wake up and smile seeing the person next to you sleeping peacefully. I feel, it is when you come back home after a bad day but see the happy eyes of the person you love and immediately forget everything about the day and smile. I feel it is when you just know that it is okay for the world to fall apart because your love is right there next to you standing like your pillar. Love is when no matter what happens, you just selflessly want to be there for the person you love the most. I feel love is the strength that makes you want to live and move forward. Love can never be your weakness.  It is that undefeatable strength which you might not know exists but is always there somewhere like a secret weapon which we ourselves have no idea about. I feel love is pure and addictive. Love is happiness and and it makes you want to dance with joy, laugh and be crazy. When you love someone, you don’t pretend to be who you are. You are just you. And this is the most important thing. I feel if you are not who you actually are when with the person you claim to love, sweetheart I am sorry but this is not love. This is just you being comfortable around someone you happen to like because we humans are a very selfish set of species and when we get what we want and desire, well I think I’d like you to connect the dots here.

Ever tried drinking a lemonade with just lemon and water? It is definitely not bad. But if you add a little sugar and a pinch of salt in it, it is one of the best drinks you can have. I think I’d like to compare ourselves with lemonade here where sugar and salt act as love and lemon and water as happiness. So when you are happy, your life is good and when you add just a little love with happiness, it becomes great.

They say love is a really special emotion. When you are in love the world seems to be a beautiful place. It is a beautiful feeling. I have had my fair share of experiences, some bad some good. But would it be fair to judge something just because we had a few bad experiences? I don’t know the emotions I have been through are anywhere close to what love is, but yes till the time those moments existed they made me feel special and happy, and those moments are the exact moments I have no intentions of forgetting or hiding them behind the bad ones. Why regret something which gave you a fair share of happiness as well?

If what I believe is anywhere close to what love actually is, I definitely am waiting to fall in love. Actually on a second thought, even if it is nowhere close to what I think it is, I still want to fall in love and experience.


Thank you for reading my first post. I’ll be writing more and more about the way I  see emotions and the world through my eyes. Good Day!


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